Medallion Hunt

The 2016 Medallion Has Been Found!

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Click on the numbers to the left to reveal clues and their meanings!


Rule 1: If you find the Medallion, return it to the Parks and Recreation Department, Mon. - Fri., 8:30AM - 5:00PM to claim your prizes.

Rule 2: Acting agents of the La Crosse Parks and Recreation Department are not eligible.

Rule 3: The Medallion will not be found on private property and will not require climbing.

Rule 4: Winners may be utilized for media purposes.

Rule 5: If you have any questions regarding the hunt, please us at call (608) 789-7533.

Clue 1:
They'll be coming from Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin

This year to find the flake.

A different sort of hunt may help this time

If the associating clues you can break.

Clue 2:

A bridge and a lawn offer very good ideas.

Plus four, 4, or fore.

There is something presidential about this spot

Along with buildings with more than one floor.

Clue 3:

How's your ESP? Is it clicking today?

This contest can be very brain healthy.

Some adult supervision may be required

With the option making you $500.00 wealthy.

Clue 4:

A celebrity long ago named Archie

And a golden oldie featuring clapping hands.

This locale has both private and public spots.

Make sure you search only on city lands.

Clue 5:

Some businesses, but no schools in this immediate vicinity.

And in all seasons there are people.

There's an international flavor in this location

And a ten minute walk to a steeple.

Clue 6:

Who knows...the Enterprise might go whizzing by.

And Mercury, a star in this grouping ditty.

You're searching, east, west and south this year.

You can omit the northern part of the city.

Clue 7:

That famous drawl from “Cool Hand Luke”

And men from Warsaw using off-color words.

Tables and benches to ponder your lot

And quite a few trees for nesting birds.

Clue 8:

Come the sun, the ice was melting

And wherever you looked, you'd see a name.

Find a good partner and avoid life's bumps.

Do this and the flake you can claim.

Clue 9:

The Gopher State is much nearer than you might think

And the Viking color is just over the little hill.

Now find a place where kids swing and slide,

But where most adults are very still.

Clue 10:

An insurance group and 34-hundred.

You'll see river apartments to the west and south.

Now find the correct evergreen in the park

And enjoy a good cheer from your mouth.

#1 - Jan. 13

#2 - Jan. 14

#3 - Jan. 15

#4 - Jan. 16

#5 - Jan. 17

#6 - Jan. 18

#7 - Jan. 19

#8 - Jan. 20

#9 - Jan. 21

#10 - Jan. 22

Medallion Hunt!

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