Medallion Hunt

The first clue will be posted at 12:00 am on January 14th.
Each clue thereafter will be revealed at 12:00am on the respective day.

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The 2015 Medallion
Has Been Found!


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Rule 1: If you find the Medallion, return it to the Parks and Recreation Department, Mon. - Fri., 8:30AM - 5:00PM to claim your prizes.

Rule 2: Acting agents of the La Crosse Parks and Recreation Department are not eligible.

Rule 3: The Medallion will not be found on private property and will not require climbing.

Rule 4: Winners may be utilized for media purposes.

Rule 5: If you have any questions regarding the hunt, please us at call (608) 789-7533.

Clue 1:
La Crosse's first medallion hunt of 2015

And Winter Rec Fest has the honor to host.

Hope you're able to fill in the blanks.

If so, you'll be able to boast.

"first" refers to old First Logic building

"Hope" refers to Bob Hope

"Blanks" refers to Bill Blank's Airshow

Clue 2:

A field used in a traditional season

And trees, but not overwhelming and thick.

There are places to fact quite a few.

But which spot? You see that's the trick.

"field..season" refers to Rick Springfield

trees and benches in the park

"trick" refers to Cheap Trick

Clue 3:

A magical wand and abracadabra.

The association might be clear.

Now find 40,000 pounds of something...

The application will bring you near.

"wand" refers to hypnotist Jim Wand

"The Association" rock group

the Hiawatha statue weighs approximately 20 tons or "40,000 pounds"

"application" refers to SAP (Systems, Applications & Products), which is housed in nearby office building

Clue 4:

Not within La Crosse's limits in early days.

Now citizens and visitors are here.

Think of a place where Peyton plays

And something big, moving and blue once a year.

"in early days" the medallion would have been under Mississippi water

"visitors"refers to nearby Visitors & Convention Center office

"Peyton" plays in Denver, which refers to John Denver

"big, moving and blue" refers to the Big Blue Dragon boat races

Clue 5:

Classrooms and churches offer blues this year

And forget about any middle ground.

Hunt the edges to be successful...

With a reference to the state of Maine to be found.

first two lines indicate where not to look and Moody "Blues"

third line says to look on city borders

park cannon markers were made from the hull of the USS Maine, which was sunk in Cuba

Clue 6:

Where judge's gavels pounded in our community past.

The tie-in plain to see.

There are hydrants and places to park

And words you can't say on TV.

first line refers to the old courthouse...marble from it was used to construct the park fountain

"hydrants" and lots of street "parking"

last line refers to an old George Carlin premise

Clue 7:

A Ford once nearby, but Studdebakers much closer.

And siblings, but just one son.

A strolling lady with a traditional necklace

And places to walk or run.

President "Ford" campaigned nearby; "Studdebaker" 7 entertained

"siblings" refers to nearby 4 Sisters eatery; "one son" refers to Raddison

third line refers to nearby Pearl Street Walkway

last line mentions joggers and walkers in park

Clue 8:

Babysitting two Max's and add one more.

You see...each clue has a common link.

Now find a building where no one works

With a marker to help you think.

"Max" is the most common dog name..."add one more" and you get a Three Dog Night

third and fourth line refers to small flood marker building

Clue 9:

A park to the west and a long way from the bluff.

The eye line is better if you're small.

No dogs allowed in your step-by-step hunt.

But get help from Diana, Andy and Paul.

"park to the west" across the river is Pettibone Park

second line indicates the medallion is just a few feet off the ground on the "steps"

"Diana" Ross, "Andy" Williams and "Paul" Anka

Clue 10:

Wings, swine and a cat that can't hear!

Three clues in one line. What a hoot!

A riverside gauge is your final location.

But before 11 P.M. or you'll get the boot!

"wings" refers to eagle statue, "swine" refers to Piggy's, & "cat with no ears" refers to Def Leppard

"riverside" Park again, a reference to "step" where the medallion is attached

last line refers to the park hours

#1 - Jan. 14

#2 - Jan. 15

#3 - Jan. 16

#4 - Jan. 17

#5 - Jan. 18

#6 - Jan. 19

#7 - Jan. 20

#8 - Jan. 21

#9 - Jan. 22

#10 - Jan. 23

Medallion Hunt!

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