Medallion Hunt

You can call off your search parties!
The 2017 Winter Rec Fest Medallion has been found!

The Medallion was found at Hickey Park on the North Side

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all for participating!

Schedule for Clues for the 2017 Medallion Hunt!

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Click on the numbers to the left to reveal clues and their meanings!


Rule 1: If you find the Medallion, return it to the Parks and Recreation Department, Mon. - Fri., 8:30AM - 5:00PM to claim your prizes.

Rule 2: Acting agents of the La Crosse Parks and Recreation Department are not eligible.

Rule 3: The Medallion will not be found on private property and will not require climbing.

Rule 4: Winners may be utilized for media purposes.

Rule 5: If you have any questions regarding the hunt, please us at call (608) 789-7533.

Clue 1:
The flake for the Winter RecFest is hidden.

You can find it somewhere in the city of La Crosse.

Use luck, chance or skill to breakdown the clues

And you'll be viewed as the medallion hunt boss.

Clue 2:

One is open. One is closed.

And a chip shot away from several bars.

There's also a neighborhood in the vicinity,

But a five iron away from fast-moving cars.

Clue 3:

$500 if you nail down these directions

And if your victory route matches perception.

A guy and his buddy named Ed can help.

It's finding the correct links to avoid deception.

Clue 4:

No schools and nary a church to see.

Avoid hospitals and government employee throng.

But you can almost see an island.

Plus, a family business with it's named spelled wrong.

Clue 5:

Jumpin' Jack Flash is a Stones refrain.

And yummy, yummy, yummy is more than a gastric delight.

Something posted as public is so very close

And a repetitive sports plea is just out of sight.

Clue 6:

On Hillbillies they said, Y'all come back now."

On Seinfeld it's more a matter of a name.

There's lots of parking nearby if you're on this hunt

And a boulevard to cross for the fame.

Clue 7:

A morning-after embarrassment

And a bus stop at this location.

If you can't see garages, you're lost.

Look around the corner for a money vocation.

Clue 8:

Think of two numbers that add up to eight

And a year when Elvis wore green.

Search a place with a basketball hoop, in fact, two

And a Wrigley-like fence to be seen.

Clue 9:

Something tall, big and slippery at this spot.

It's color close to a Navajo tradition.

Lots of things to climb and swing

To help keep kids in good condition.

Clue 10:

Give me liberty or give me death.

That street should lead you to the right park.

Now find the steps and you'll find the flake.

That's it for another Winter RecFest lark.

#1 - Jan. 18

#2 - Jan. 19

#3 - Jan. 20

#4 - Jan. 21

#5 - Jan. 22

#6 - Jan. 23

#7 - Jan. 24

#8 - Jan. 25

#9 - Jan. 26

#10 - Jan. 27

Medallion Hunt!

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